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This solution is a dedicated platform designed to engage and manage alumni for educational institutions. It provides a suite of features customized to enhance connections and streamline data collection essential for accreditation, encompassing employment and alumni surveys.

Alumni Management

​This module is designed to effectively manage and engage with alumni. It offers a range of features to maintain a strong connection with graduates and ensure that their data is easily accessible.

Key features:

  • Effortless Alumni Communication

  • Alumni Account Access to Self-Report Data & Retrieve Historical Data

  • Conduct Alumni Surveys & Data Request

  • Collect Employment Information

  • Data Preservation

  • Reporting and Analytics


Evaluations & Surveys

This module offers a wide range of features to enhance assessment and feedback collection.

Key features:

  • Unlimited Customizable Evaluations, Surveys & Electronic Forms

  • Supports Complex Evaluation Workflow: Concurrent Evaluations on the Same Evaluatee and Multiple Subsequent Reviews or Acknowledgments

  • Diverse User Participation: Any Evaluator and Evaluatee Type

  • Customized Notifications & Alerts

  • Data Indexed by Program, Term, Course, Section, and More

  • Collect Data To Be Leveraged For Indirect Measures and Institutional Effectiveness

  • Access and Download Real Time Analytics on Current and Historical Data via an Array of Reports

  • Create Reports that Aggregate Data Over Multiple Years and Terms

  • Program Longitudinal Competency Reporting

  • Student Longitudinal Competency Reporting

Exit, Alumni & Employment Surveys

This module is tailored to support conducting comprehensive assessments, collecting vital feedback, and making data-informed decisions related to exiting students, alumni, and employment outcomes. 

Key features:

  • ProjectConcert Authored Assessments & Surveys Available

  • Customizable Survey Framework

  • Unlimited Scheduling of Evaluations

  • Anonymous Feedback

  • Automated Survey Distribution

  • Customized Reminders & Alerts

  • Data Analysis Tools

  • Comprehensive Reporting: Response Rates, Frequency, Standard Deviation, Competencies, and More. 

  • Program Longitudinal Trend Reporting


Student Management

This module is a versatile tool for overseeing and managing student information, academic progress, and compliance in educational institutions.

Key features:

  • Self-Service Portal for Students to Self-Report and Retrieve Data & Important Information

  • Organize by Program, Entry Term, Cohort, Custom Details, and More

  • Efficient Email Communication

  • Unlimited Customized Data Elements

  • Compliance Requirement Tracking

  • Document Storage

  • Pair Students to Their Advisor

  • Course Enrollment 

  • Program Completion Rate

  • Accreditation Data Collection and Reporting Aligned to Standards

  • Alumni Access

  • Reporting and Analytics

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