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Our Solutions

The key solutions offered by ProjectConcert provide guidance and assistance in collecting and reporting across the entire life cycle of the student. This capability enables institutions to seamlessly gather and aggregate data across academic years, supporting institutional effectiveness.


This solution is a powerful and all-encompassing tool designed to make the accreditation process easier and more efficient for educational institutions. It encompasses a multitude of features that are designed to simplify and optimize the intricate task of both initial and ongoing accreditation.



This solution is a comprehensive tool designed to streamline and optimize the admission processes in educational institutions. It includes a variety of features aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the admission process.



This solution is a versatile tool designed to support and simplify academic advising for students in educational institutions. It incorporates a variety of features to elevate the advising process, ensure that students receive the guidance necessary for a successful academic journey, and allows for future enrollment planning.


This solution is a dedicated platform designed to engage and manage alumni for educational institutions. It provides a suite of features customized to enhance connections and streamline data collection essential for accreditation, encompassing employment and alumni surveys.

Assessments / Surveys

This solution is a robust tool designed for the creation, administration, and analysis of competency-based assessments, evaluations, and surveys that span the entirety of a student's academic journey and beyond. It seamlessly integrates with courses and programs across the curriculum, enabling the institution to collect valuable feedback and insight with real-time data.



This solution is a powerful resource tailored to oversee and manage curriculum development throughout the student's academic life cycle and streamline operations across the institution's curriculum. It provides a wide range of features to ensure that academic programs meet the needs of students as well as program and institutional goals.


This solution offers a comprehensive and customizable solution for monitoring and ensuring compliance across diverse user types. It's automation, flexibility, and integration capabilities make it an essential tool for institutions seeking to maintain a compliant and organized educational environment.


Experiential Learning

This solution is a comprehensive, experiential documentation tool designed to manage and streamline processes for clinical and laboratory experiences. It encompasses a variety of customizable features to guarantee the efficient planning, tracking, and evaluation of clinical and lab activities while ensuring alignment with the institution's accreditation guidelines and competencies.

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